Monday, October 19, 2009

Killer Kabuki

Noticed I haven't done any real character speeds so I pumped out a quick one. This one was done after seeing some similar characters in some crazy Hong Kong gangster flick. I was in a phone store so only saw a glimpse of it.


  1. wow a speedie? very nice man dang love the guy, how u posed him and the bg. super nice!

  2. I say speedie, but it was like 2-3 hours. Still, a lot shorter than the character I've been working on the last few weeks (already 20+hrs easily.) Can't wait till he's all finished up.

  3. When you say a real quick one. How long does it actually take you to complete one of these speedie renditions? What program do you use btw? I'm looking to getting myself familiar with digital media.